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Give your students the support they need to succeed

The success of K-12 districts and schools is typically measured by metrics like attendance, test scores, and graduation rates. But to achieve the best student outcomes, smart educators know they must address the needs of the whole student. The Securly platform gives you the tools to do just that. Let us help you create a climate of safety, wellness, and engagement so your students thrive and reach their highest potential.

Keep students safe online and on campus
Student safety

Keep students safe online and on campus

To be able to engage in learning and achieve their best, your students first must have their basic safety and security needs met. Create a safer digital and physical learning environment with technology tools developed specifically for K-12 schools.

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Not only are we filtering our students from negative content, we’re able to protect them from self-harm, violence, bullying, and other potential maliciousness using Securly’s tools. I’m not sure where we would be without Securly in our district.

Tom Walker

Director of Technology, Massac Unit School District #1

Student Wellness

Know how students are really doing and intervene when needed

Building on safety, your students must be well—mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally—to learn and function at their best. Support student mental health and wellbeing with proactive tools that help you quickly identify at-risk students and intervene early.

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Uncover student safety risks

Securly was able to identify a single Facebook post from a student contemplating suicide. The school and parents were alerted, and they were able to intervene in time to save the student’s life. To be able to catch clues on social media that would enable administrators and teachers to work with parents is absolutely worth everything to us as a community.

Dr. Barbara Nesbitt

Assistant Superintendent for Technology Services, Pickens County School District

Help students stay on track at school and at home
Student Engagement

Help students stay on track at school and at home

When your students feel supported in the classroom and at home, they're able to reach their highest potential at school and in life. Strengthen teacher-student relationships and build school-to-home connection with tools that minimize digital distractions and increase engagement.

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Teachers can see their students’ screens and close tabs on an individual student’s device to prevent distractions. It’s an invaluable tool for teachers in the modern age. At the same time, letting parents regulate technology usage at home improves the school-to-home connection and allows the district to continue to make the best use of technology to enhance student learning. It’s a win-win for everyone.

T.J. McCray, Director of Instructional Technology and Library Media Services and
Eric Benedict, Instructional Technology Coach Madison Metropolitan School District
Technology support

Simplify technology management and budget decisions

Technology is the infrastructure of modern education, always working in the background to support effective teaching and learning. Make technology management and edtech decision-making easier with tools developed for the needs of K-12 tech teams.

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Simplify technology management and budget decisions

Securly helps us see the actual usage of products we have purchased across the district. We’re able to compare the usage data provided by the service or fill in the actual usage data that they don’t provide.

Jacob Standish

Program Manager of Technology Services, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Securly helps K-12 schools increase student safety, student wellness, and student engagement

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